about us

EDU MALL is newly registered domain name by Fstars E-Learning Singapore. FSTARS is the online e-learning video portal website. The courses focus on the skills of daily life, to make everyone share their own skills online. Register in the website to become the teacher is free. If you think your skills are useful for everyone, you can submit the video online in the portal website.

Recently the website only contains the popluar learning materials like web design courses, apps development courses, SEO courses and programming courses. Soon will be more courses launched in the website to help everyone enjoy of the learning.

Everyone is Teacher Share is the Best Method of Teaching.

Traditional teaching process is not effective. That need the classroom and always end by the test. We belive the life is the real teacher. For example, cooking. Traditional cooking school is training the professional chief. Most of people just want learn a dish for fun. They may not have enough time to sign up the classes or workshop. Because of the classes and workshop need the classroom, that makes the learning cost high. E-learning make student learn how to cook by a simple 60 minutes video. That's why we designed the website.